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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 26, 2015 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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>> new details on the deadly duck boat crash that left four people dead. for the first time we are hearing from the bay area family that was thrown from the tourist attraction, but survived to tell their story. good evening. ama daetz is off tonight. >> i'm dan ashley. this woman was on vacation in seattle with her family when this terrible crash happened. tonight she is still in washington state and in the hospital. >> sergio talked to the woman and her family about the deadly crash. >> this was supposed to be a weekend get away to celebrate a relative's birthday. instead, the survivorses -- survivors of a deadly crash that killed four foreign exchange students. this is a crash greg moody saw coming a split second before the impact. >> i heard oh no! and then i thought we are in trouble. >> greg, his daughter kate and his wife were behind the duck boat driver ready for a fun tour along seattle's waterfront. instead it turned into a
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nightmare. >> it felt like we lost control and looked up and saw the bus headed toward us. >> just before the crash greg tried to protect his wife, pat. >> i grabbed my wife and pushed her down and held her and i got thrown. >> he and his daughter were tossed out of the duck boat. >> i saw people running toward us from their cars to check on us. everyone was actually really awesome. some lady helped me find my mom. >> her mom was in the duck boat and suffered a broken collar won. she and kate are still in the hospital. easy -- talked with pat. >> i may need surgery on my clavicle, but thisy are waiting to see. >> greg had a few cuts to his face, but was released from the hospital. they are all not sure when they will be back home. abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, this woman outside the ac/dc concert in san francisco had to be talked down from the top of a bridge
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she climbed up the support of a bridge outside at&t park. the woman eventually climbed down on her own and she was taken into police custody. >> a train rammed a vehicle in burlingame disrupting the evening commute for thousands of people. it happened at tiff:40. sky 7hd was at broadway avenue in burlingame. police say the people inside the vehicle made it out before the collision, but they did not say why it was on the tracks to begin with. at one point people started leaving the train through the windows. a viewer on board sent us this video. riders say the air conditioning stopped working and there was no air conditioning from cal train. cal train tweeted asking riders to stop leaving the train because there were other active trains in the area. one man headed to the ac/dc concert was afraid he would miss the show.
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>> another video shows riders hoping the fence to leave the track. both were cleared at 8:00 p.m., but delays remained. we want to remind you when you see new or interesting pictures take a photo or video and share it with the hash tag. we may show it on air or >> one person died after two vehicles collided head on. sky sf hd shows an suv knocked on to its side. several people were hurt here. they crashed around 5:20 and the road remained closed up until two hours ago. developing news and san francisco firefighters' quick response may have kept the fire from spreading to other buildings. investigators believe it started as an electrical fire at harrison and door streets. you can see the flames shooting through the roof. because the homes are wooden and built on top of each other, the fires spread
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easily. it is a big concern. witnesses tell us that the featers were there minutes after it started to get to work. tonight san jose police say the man shot by officers was trying to grab a shotgun out of the police cruiser. officers responded after ronald woods threatened to kill himself. when the officer arrived at monterey road police say woods refused to follow their orders and so an officer tased and pepper sprayed him and that didn't work. when woods attempted to reach for the shotgun case he was shot. woods is expected to recover. conservative republicans are cheering house speaker john boehner's stunning disetion to quit congress. boehner was brought to tears when talking about his decision after a meeting with pope francis. >> it was never about the vote. there was no doubt whether i could survive a vote. i don't want my members to have to go through this. i certainly don't want the institution to go through this. especially when i knew i was
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thinking about walking out the door anyway. >> boehner was under fire from conservatives and facing the threat of a floor vote to stay on as speaker. central valley republican kevin mccarthy is widely believed to be next in line for the house speaker ship. it would be a medioric rise for him. they elected mccarthy just nine years ago. another bay area library is closed because of bedbugs. pest-sniffing dogs discovered the infestation. the library will be closed until next tuesday for treatment to get rid of the bedbugs. the mitchell park library closed because of bedbugs on wednesday. a whirlwind day for the pope during a historic visit to the u.s. the pope left madison square garden after delivering a mass in front of 18,000 people. elizabeth has more.
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>> a standing ovation for a pope some say is like no other. pope francis wrapping up his visit to new york city and celebrating mass in madison square garden and concluding his homily with a friendly reminder for the faiful. >> don't forget to pray for me m . >> his jam packed day started with a landmark address at the united nations. his next stop was a service at the 9/11 memorial where they prayed and placed flowers for the victims and offering blessingses for their families. the morning took an up lifting turn in the afternoon. >> with his visit to a school in east harlem. the classroom with third and fourth graders sang for him. then he was on the move again with lines of people snaking
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in and around central park. the pope waiving and smiling for those who had tickets after a city-sponsored lottery and ended with 80,000 winners. with new york and dc, tomorrow he leaves for the final leg of his u.s. trip to philadelphia where more than a million people are expected to attend the mass on sunday. abc news, new york. let's change gears. new at 11:00, the sounds of a legendary rock band are shaking fans all nightlong in san francisco. >> i see what you did. ac/dc rocked the stage, but was it too loud for neighbors? >> cornell bernard is keeping an ear on the noise level. cornell, how is the show? >> hi, dan and natasha, it was pretty good. pretty quiet up here. the noise complaint hotline
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taking a dozen or so phone calls from different parts of the city, but nothing like the beyonce concert they say was too loud, but tonight folks were ready to rock. gloria granger was ready to rock with her trademark ac/dc horn. tell me why you are here. >> i love ac/dc. >> they packed in to see a group rocking since 1973. >> ♪ highway to hell >> bill morgan and his tail grate crew were blasting the signature song. >> they never changed. they are legit. they give you what you pay for. >> the medina family had a special song request. they traveled from miami in costumes channeling lead singer and his schoolboy
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look. when the concert started it was loud near mccovey cove registering 80 decibels. >> we have people out there with decibel readers so we can know how each street address level is being affected. >> the sounds of heavy metal were a bit muffled unlike concerts in the past. >> were there complaints? >> there have been complaints. from where i sit you can't hear kneeing. >> the music is coming through loud and clear for those with a ticket. the red horns dploaing in the dark. abc7 news. >> sounds like fun. a violent police chase ends with a crash in southern california. the child caught in the middle of this hot pursuit. >> the new iphone just went on sale this morning. coming up, the first review from 7 on your side's michael finney and our partners at
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consumer reports. >> dinner and diplomacy. it is the first lady's fashion getting all of the buzz. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. still feeling the heat and the temperatures will pea trending lower for the weekend. details coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. >> here is what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks. this is what we have in store for you tonight. >> ♪ having fun what do a nasca comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. and petaluma, this is abc7 news. developing fuse near los angeles where a hiigh speed train collided. a driver crashed into self- cars at a stopped light and several people were injured. a woman grabbed her child with her on the backseat and got out. police arrested the driver. thousands of people who pre-ordered the new iphone 6s and 6s plus are playing with their gadgets.
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here is michael finney with the good and the bad. >> consumer reports started its testing of the iphone 6s and the larger 6s plus today. the 12 mega-pixel camera and compared it to previous models. >> the upgraded still camera is only slightly i'm -- improved over the iphone 6. >> but a larger file size on the live photo feature. consumer reports say the files take up to three times more space than just still photos, but the sizes may vary depending on your subject. they found the selfie has a wider anger lens and works better in the low light. the retina flash uses the phone screen to light up your face. the screen is made of what apple says is the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world. to check if that makes it more
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scratch resistant they put it through an abrasion test. it was no better at resisting scratches than the iphone 6. >> if you have an iphone 4 or 5, you may consider upgrading to the 6s. you will appreciate the higher quality camera and new features. if you have an iphone 6, you won't see a big difference and you may want to save your money for the next version april -- apple is bound to roll out next year. silicon valley superstars mixed it up at the white house. they dined at a state dinner that president obama hosted. on the menu, mild mushroom soup and maine lobster and lamb and poppy seed bread and pudding. mark cuban and neo, reid hastings, apple's tim cook and facebook's mark zuckerburg. mark zuckerburg posted this picture of himself and his wife before they left for
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dinner. as you know they are expecting their first child. and the first lady is getting attention for her wardrobe choice. she tweeted this picture tonight. mrs. obama wore a black off the shoulder mermaid gang made by vera wang and they called attention to the first lady's hair which looks long and to the side. >> and just checked and she is top trending. >> sandhya patel is here to tell us about the weather. >> she looks stunning in there. look at live doppler 7hd. we have high clouds passing through. the fog has not come back yet, but it will be back tomorrow. you will notice the difference. today the cooling was confined mainly to the coast and bay. temperatures were down inland, but didn't feel like it. mid-nineties in the hotspot. san francisco dropped 20 degrees from yesterday. it was 70 today most areas in
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the 50s and 60s and concord at 72 degrees. a live look from the exploratorium camera and visibility is good looking at san francisco. a mild pattern next week and warming it back up as october begins. you know october can be a warm month for the bay area, so this won't be anything out of the ordinary. here is the trough and the cold front -- the stationary front. the cooler pattern is inching closer to the bay area and it will get here as far as the inland communities are concerned. san jose's temperature trend you will go from 83 tomorrow and a little above average for woke -- weekend and dropping below average next week in the 70s. some are asking when can i pull out my sweater and put an extra blanket on the bed? that may be your opportunity next week. keep that in mind. tomorrow morning starting out with the fog at the coast with temperatures in the 50ss. if you are taking the dog out for a walk it should feel like
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fall out there. as it should. 83 in san jose and santa clara. occasional high clouds filtering sun. 78 san mateo and 66 half moon bay. downtown san francisco 74. daly city mid60s. we'll get you to the mid80s for san rafael and vallejo. 88 in santa rosa. the sun is shining and it is pleasant in the east bay. 81 fremont. make sure you have the sunscreen inland. livermore 90 degrees in antioch. the temperatures are dropping alt bit. if you are going to the fogfest, some fog. 62 degrees. temperatures coming to the midand upper 60s and cooling to the mid60s. sunday night you will want to check this out. the total lunar eclipse will have a redish hue.
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look to the east. it is a full lunar eclipse. it is a super moon, blood moon, whatever you want to call it. temperatures will be trending lower, not just for the weekend, but when the numbers bottom out. turn around as october starts on thursday and friday. >> not too overcast for the blood moon? >> no. >> especially because there will be high clouds in the east. east. >> thank you something. ohh!! (gasps) agh!! diamonds! yeah. mmmm! 5 swirled diamonds, new in lucky charms! my theory is pretty simple. happiness, before cleanliness. gooey. flaky. happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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with a real sense of humor. that is principal michael fong in santa clara duct taped to the wall. >> how fun thee is that? it took 21 rolls of tape to get him to stick like that. he challenged his kids to collect change to buy books. the class who raised the most got to stick it to him, so to speak. >> that's a fun way to motivate the kids.
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>> i wonder if our bosses, for charity -- it is all for a good cause. >> we have a list. >> we pre peared a lengthy -- we prepared a lengthy docier. sports on the eve of zito versus hudson. some fans enjoyed the game. one lady, not so much.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> we know it has been a disappointing season for the a's and giants, but a september bay bridge series before tomorrow's big three reunion. 36,000 on hand including one poor giant fan surrounded by the a's crazies. get me out of here! the giants on the board in the first. matt duffy and a


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